Michel Haillard’s furniture could be characterised as creations of an exotic, paradoxical Baroque design. Some view his work as infernal, phantasmagorical visions. The French designer’s use of exotic leathers, dark wood, bronze, and horns, combined with a tribal sensibility, can be daunting.


    Awesome Furniture Designs by Michel Haillard

    I’m pretty sure that some of these designs from Michel Haillard are scary but in the same time are awesome. The idea from this furniture is from the hell, and to create this fantastic piece of furniture was used the most drastic materials starting from crocodile and ostrich skin and ending with horns and tusks of wild animals. Also it was created not without natural fur, which are covered inside cabinets and drawers. The frame and trim are made from wood, bronze and silver.

  • Horn Sofa by Michel Haillard at the The Clift SF, CA.

    This Horn Sofa was found in a flea market in Paris and is made of ostrich leather, dark wood, bronze and horns. Haillard is known for creating daunting furniture composed of unique and striking animal parts as a celebration of animals and a protest against human dominance. Here, in the lobby of The Clift, it is beautifully paired with a Salvador Dali Leda Low Table-Sculpture from Barcelona Design.


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