Catalogue Maison et Objet 2015

Michel Haillard Unclassifiable artist, a ‘creator of worlds’

Astonishing, astounding and atypical, Michel Haillard is a connection between wild and civilized worlds.

His work is a tribute to animality which he respects. He creates unique anomalous pieces of art that are both elitist and popular from the combination of old, precious materials like bronze and gold, cohabiting voluptuously with crystal cabochons, salvaged elements that only he knows how to revive in his studio. Michel Haillard the creator of space-places. He has been involved with the great adventure of Cirque du Soleil in Montreal and exhibited in international galleries Paris – London – Brussels – Gstaad – Moscow – Atlanta – San Francisco and Singapore, Dubai, Abu Dhabi and Beijing. He collaborates with architects and interior designers such as Philippe Starck. Michel Haillard fascinates.

He transcends Art Furniture with his streams of influence from all cultures and continents. A true director of a phantasmagorical world, he navigates us between the human and the animal, between memory, oblivion and the present. You have to know how to tame him to make the most of his brilliant and ebullient work. His chairs transform into Mongolian goats, his loungers into majestic alligators in a debauchery of carved wood and buffalo horns, and his dressers into scarabs. The magical presence of animality is mesmerizing and breath-taking.

The extraordinary freedom of his lyrical creations transports us beyond all boundaries and inspires power, strength, sensuality, and through these provocations, humour and charm slide, reinventing the most daring and extravagant bestiary-furniture language. It is difficult, if not impossible, to escape these barbaric and sumptuous decors. Michel Haillard, undisputed tamer and alchemist of Noah’s Ark, captures the memory of the Earth to share with us.

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